The Spirit of Asheville is a DVD about Asheville North Carolina, released August 2009.

Why is Asheville, North Carolina on all the “best of” lists?

    Happiest City in the Country

    Top Ten Art Destination

    Best Place to Reinvent Yourself

    Top Ten Places for Business and Careers

    Top Ten Places to Live

In The Spirit of Asheville you’ll discover the answer through wide-ranging interviews with people who love this special city.

From the street scene to the music clubs, from the art galleries to the drumming circle, from the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains to the abundance of architectural treasures, you’ll see why Asheville is so unique; a community where progressive culture blends with Appalachian tradition to create something truly magical.

Filmed over the course of a year, The Spirit of Asheville brings you the beauty, the diversity, and the charm of this Renaissance city of the North Carolina mountains.

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