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Video is a time capsule.
It captures a person, a place, an event in a moment of time and preserves it.
It stops time.

I have a passion for creating videos that convey experience;
that give you the feeling of being with a person,

or being at a place or an event.

No special effects.
​Reality. Authenticity. Experience.

Experience San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Don Alfredo, milkman

Doña Ramona, hand-made tortillas

Vía Crucis, Stations of Cross at Lent


Social Media
DVD Projects

Turn Your Television into a Window on Nature

The Spirit of Asheville

The St. Augustine Alligator Farm

Heart of the High Country

Theme song by Arthur Hancock

​Heart of the High Country was a television show that aired on Northland Cable Channel 14 in Highlands and Cashiers, North Carolina from June of 2004 through December of 2009. Visit the Heart of the High Country YouTube channel. In all there were 199 programs, and this is a comprehensive index of the shows

Time Capsule Video also created a Visitor Information Program on Channel 14, starring Blackberry Bear.

Blackberry Bear, star of the Visitor Information Program

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